About Training by Tara, dog training and behavior modification in South Austin tx

I am a Canine Aggression and Behavior Specialist here in Austin Tx. I have researched canine aggression and pack behavior for the last 20 years and will never stop learning from the best teachers out there, the dogs themselves. It is my passion in life to help rehabilitate dogs who are deemed “un adoptable” or help owners keep their dogs instead of surrendering them to the shelter because of behavior issues. My own pack is made up of dogs who would have otherwise been killed due to behavior problems. They now live happy and peacefully with each other and help other dogs and their owners overcome many obstacles. All of my pack, even the Chihuahua, work on a daily basis. A working and exercised dog is a happy dog! I base my dog training and behavior modification programs on body language, and gaining the respect and trust you and your dog need to live happily. I am a firm believer that a human has to be a calm, confident pack leader and not one that places fear in their dogs by physically challenging them to show dominance. 

  I currently help mutliple rescue groups by rehabilitating the dogs in their care, so they can find happy loving homes. I belong to a few breed boards where I try to help people outside of our area, live happily with their dogs as well.   I have dedicated my life to these unfortunate dogs and I will never stop.  There is no better feeling then to see a dog who was set to be killed, find a new home and walk away with their tail wagging and their new owners smiling and hugging them.

Please help Austin become a no-kill city. Thousands of dogs are killed each year, and there truly is an answer to this. I urge you to visit www.fixaustin.org to see how you can help. It is possible. Thank you Ryan Clinton, founder of fixaustin, for your work in helping these animals!


2 thoughts on “About Training by Tara, dog training and behavior modification in South Austin tx

  1. Wanted to leave you a note telling you I love your blog!! I stumbled across it while searching online for dog articles and I read every entry you wrote from start to finish. It is all such real and useful advice. I really enjoyed reading it and will be checking back for more entries. I wish you were here in AZ so you could help me train my dogs. I found 2 strays and tried all I could to find their homes with no luck….so they are now ours. They are wonderful amazing dogs who could use a bit of training. I could probably use a little owner training myself….. I’m sure I’ll find someone in AZ, but I will keep reading your blog for the great advice. All your dogs are lucky to have you. Thanks!

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