Sweet mama Gaia, needs a home.

photo of deaf/visually impaired bull terrier, Gaia

Gaia came to us with her litter of deaf and visually impaired pups from a Central Texas Shelter. She and her babies were slated to be killed for a couple of reasons.  Number one because they were labeled “pit bull” mixes-which they clearly are not; number two because they are handicapped.  This incredible little family stuck together and survived on their own, regardless of their handicaps. After the abuse, neglect, and abandonment from their previous owner, they fought to survive on their own-and did. Gaia managed to care and fend for her litter of pups in the worst of times, I for one did not think it would be fair to end their little lives.  I had written a blog about this extraordinary family when they first came to stay with us. If you have not read it,  please click here.

All of Gaia’s pups have been adopted, they are living as happy as any other dog and now it is Gaia’s turn. Do you have a special place in your heart and home for a disabled, dedicated and loving bull terrier cross? She is approximately 2 years old, spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative, housebroken, kennel trained and even though she has limited sight, she can sniff out a human for affection in seconds. She has been living amongst our pack and has shown no interest in the resident cat in our house or the older calm dogs; but the young ones make her nervous (rightfully so, she can’t see them coming).

If you or a friend may be interested in fostering or adopting sweet Gaia, please contact us at myheart4k9s@aol.com


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