The Custom Sticker (Rectangle) I designed on

The Custom Sticker (Rectangle) I designed on

  For all of you in Texas against the “Pit Bull” ban, or for any of you that just don’t want your taxes to increase. The truth is a ban will cost taxpayers $31 million dollars to enforce. Are we not cutting costs everywhere else as it is and still paying too much in taxes?

   Community Education Projects to go and help create bonds between people, kids and their dogs cost volunteer time and compassion. That is alot cheaper. One hour a week changes peoples lives, helps create more social better kept dogs, and helps monitor potential problems like the ones you see on the news.

  If Tyler texas had a community program, someone would have noticed 30 dogs chained to trees and would have been able to report it before it came down to a fatality. 

  Education is proven to work, banning has been proven ineffective. Do you want $31 million dollars thrown to the wayside on a law that has such a bad track record? I know I don’t want to pay for it.

  Please visit and sign the petition to stop this before we literally pay for this mistake.


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