Stray Dog Encounter Survey

Stray Dog Encounter Research Survey

 As you all know, we do a community education program. We also are on the City Of Austin’s “Pit Bull” Task force to try and help our beloved breeds. In order to help the communities, we stand strongly that education is the key to help keep dogs out of the shelter system. Along with our aggression research it is vital for us to get the publics opinion on stray dog encounters. This is not limited to our great state of Texas. Even if you live in other states please take the time to fill this out. Your answers could potentially help your neighborhood, community and spread much needed education to the public.  None of the information gathered will be reported to the authorites, this is strictly a research study intended to help us lower shelter surrenders.

Please click here 

Please forward this to anyone you know. The more results, the more accurate our research is.

Thank you for your time and compassion to help us.


Tara, Brandie & “the pack”


8 thoughts on “Stray Dog Encounter Survey

    1. Very true Cindy. We encounter several a week and it always makes me take pause as i am about to head out. I do find known bad streets and avoid them, but those sudden rounding a corner and having an encounter with a loose dog can be very frightening. Not only not knowing what the loose dog might do, but also the reaction of your dog trying to protect you. It’s just not a good situation and one that prevents ppl from walking their dogs. That’s the saddest part

    2. Cindy,
      This is one of the reasons I am doing the research. Many people stop walking their dogs due to the amount of irresponsible dog owners and potential for an attack, in their areas. The result is the owners that try to be responsible then have to deal with behavioral issues due to lack of exercise and some even give up on thier dogs. It is a vicious cirlce that can stop with education to these areas and the pubilc getting involved to help enforce leash laws instead of wasting time targeting specific breeds and their owners.
      Everytime a dog is rushed while on leash, the dog becomes defensive. Society is causing many, many reactive dogs and blaming them instead of stepping back and realizing the real problem is the loose dogs with no manners and no control.

      1. BSL is not the definitive answer to any of society’s problems with dogs. We already have sufficient laws now to deal with the situation…but they are rarely enforced. What you have here is an abjucation of responsibilities involving the police and judiciary.

  1. Loose dogs is the exact reason I stopped walking mine, and attempted to find other methods of exercise.
    I was outside with my AmStaff/GSD and the neighbor’s 3 Chi’s came charging at my dog, snapping at him the entire time. Thankfully he didn’t bite back, but it was not a very pleasant scene.

    1. Kathy
      This is an unfortunate reality for many of the people that filled out the survey. Hopefully we will be able to make a difference with the results of this study. Please share it with your friends, the more we receive the more we can help!

  2. My dog Gypsy is also my Service Dog. She preforms life saving duties for me and is very important in helping live a full and independent life. We have been attacked numerous times by dogs both on and off leash, both with and without owners when out on walks or out in the world as I go about my business.
    More often then not, the dog attacking us is a smallish dog, like a shih-tzu or a chihuahua, but we have also been attacked by larger dogs. Gypsy usually just moves behind me, as she has been taught, and I am often able to make the dog leave us alone, but we have sometimes been injured. Gypsy no longer likes most other dogs. She is friendly with a small few but will often growl or snap at new dogs when she is not working. We believe this is because of all the other dogs that have gone after us. She trusts me to look out for her when she’s on the leash, but off leash she attacks first and asks questions later.
    What I hate more than anything else is when a loose dog approaches us and owner, far far away, calls out ‘oh, he’s friendly’ and I have to call back ‘control your dog, i don’t care if he is friendly or not, I don’t want him near us.’

    1. Laura
      A good portion of well trained dogs become reactive due to off leash encounters, I am hoping to find an answer to this problem with the results of this survey. Thank you for taking the time to fill the survey out.
      Tara and the “pack”

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