NEW Seminar’s on the schedule!

New school year means it is time for Tara’s seminars again! All our Seminars require registration/payment prior to day/time. Please email us at  to reserve your space.


Fostering with Confidence: Saturday December 5th at 12:30pm

Learn how to foster and save a life confidently. You can help your local rescue or shelter and do so peacefully in your home.

$50 per person,  $35 per person with group of 3 or more.

Humans only, 2 hour seminar. Snacks and drinks provided.

Body Language Seminar: Saturday December 12th at 12:30pm

Your dog’s language translated for you in a 2 hour workshop, real photos and videos- no illustrations.

$50 per person, $35 per person with group of 3 or more.

Humans only seminar. Snacks and drinks provided.



Introducing Dogs properly: Saturday December 19th at 11:30am

Learn how to introduce dogs confidently and avoid pressure play between them at the same time. Calm introductions lead to long term benefits for your dogs, no pressure at the introduction, means no anxiety later.

3 hour seminar, snacks and drinks provided.

$75 per person ($100 for working team – limited to 4 teams)

Group discount of $50 per person with groups of 3 or more. Advanced reservations needed.

Please email to reserve a space in any of the above seminars.

New 6 week Classes on the schedule!

It is that time again! We have many new classes on the schedule for fall! We hope you all had a great summer, here is our line up to help get your dogs ready for the fall events in Austin.

We do not allow shock or prong collars in our classes, we teach without force! Email us at to reserve a space in any of the following:

Reactive Walkers

This course is 6 weeks and I personally designed 4 years ago. In this class I help clients gain confidence in handling their reactive dogs in public. We see huge success in this class because we teach our owners how to protect their dogs instead of correcting them constantly. Nothing is “forced”, your dog learns that you can be the calm confident and fair protector so they do not need to be concerned with protecting themselves. We teach you how to stop your dog from lunging, we teach your dog how to show avoidance, we show you how to protect yourself and your dog from aggressive dogs, and we teach you and your dog that sharing affection and high value items is possible. The course is an outdoor class that is limited to 4-6 dogs and the cost is $200 per team.  Pre-requiste for this class is a leadership session or basic obedience class through our company. 

When:  Saturday 10/31 at 10:30am    Trainer: Tara

Reactive 1 greeting other dogs

This class is a 6 week up close and personal greeting class between your dog and my pack. We teach you how to control greets and protect your dog from rude dogs and pressure. It is an outdoor class and limit 4 teams. $200 per team. Pre-requiste for this class is a leadership session or basic obedience class through our company. 

When: Saturday October 3rd at 12pm        Trainer: Tara


Basic obedience

By far our most sought after class due to the number of commands we teach! 23 commands are taught in 6 weeks. This course pretty much teaches you the basics plus extras to keep your dog constantly working and challenged. Class is limited to 4 dogs, it is held inside with AC and the cost is $180.


Saturday 10/3 at 1pm with Nicole

Sunday 10/4 at 11am with Lisa

Tuesday 10/13 at 10:30am with Tara


Intermediate obedience

This class is held indoors with a 4 dog limit and the cost is $180. This class is based on self control and focus. Our graduation test is your dog off leash, and you recall them from an out of sight position, past a plate of food and the other class dogs. Yes, this is achieved every class!

When:           Saturday 10/17 at 10am with Nicole


Triebball Basics

One of our favorite classes! Triebball is basically canine soccer and herding all in one fun sport! This can be done in your backyard or even inside with just a smaller ball! We have used this class to help owners overcome reactiveness, lack of focus, and for those high energy dogs that need to be mentally worn out. This is the secret to Tara’s herding dogs calmness. Shhh don’t tell anyone. 🙂 This is an outdoor class and costs $180

When:        Tuesday 9/29 at 9am or Saturday 10/10 at 9am with Tara

We look forward to seeing you! Remember, protect first!

Email us at to reserve your space!

Tara and the pack.

Seminar Series starting in January

Training by Tara

Workshop & Seminar Series

All Seminars are located at our center in East Austin. To set up a private seminar/workshop at your location or to reserve a space in any of the seminars listed below, please email us at

We are not a rescue group and do not have fund-raisers, so all the proceeds from our seminars and workshops will be funding our Mobile Community Education Program, as well as the medical and care of the rescue dogs we are asked to take in.

(For more information on this program please email:


January 9th 11:00am   Dog & Child Safety

• This seminar is all about bringing home a new baby, how to prepare for the arrival and child safety with dogs.

• 60 minute seminar with 30 minutes for questions afterwards.

• **People only seminar**

• Cost: $25 per person

January 16th 11:00am Proper Canine Greeting & Social Skills

• This seminar is all about introducing dogs properly, what is inappropriate, and what is acceptable from your dog’s view. As well as how to protect yourself and your dog from free range and “at large” dogs. We will also be discussing how your positioning makes the difference in your dog’s reaction to other dogs. Perfect for shelter staff, rescue groups, and everyday dog owners.

• 60 minute seminar, with 30 minutes afterwards for questions.

• Cost: $25 per person

January 23rd 10:30am Body Language Seminar

• All about what your dog is saying to you in their language. Learn how dogs communicate with each other and the subtle signs that may be causing frustration between you and your dog. We break down different stances, eye contact, actions and myths with real photographs and dogs for easier understanding.

• ** People only seminar**

• 3 hours

• Cost: $50 per person (group discounts available)



February 6th 11:00am Handling & Safety Workshop

• Ideal for anyone interested in or already in the dog profession. We demonstrate how to safely handle dogs in runs, on leash, during grooming and restraining for exams. We will use live dog demonstrations as well as having real photographs and video of extreme situations.

• 3 hour workshop, 30 minutes of questions.

• ***People only Seminar***

• Cost: $50 per person (group discounts available)

February 20th 10:00am Working Mind Program for Shelter & Rescue Dogs

• This is the program we developed for dogs living in a shelter or rescue environment. Dogs that stay in cages for prolonged times need to relieve their stress by getting into a working mind. These simple techniques have been proven to work in our facility with any type of dog. The result is calm happy dogs regardless of how long their stay is. Each participant will receive a copy of the entire Working Mind Program which is broken down into detailed instructions on how to apply every step. Calmer dogs with manners are more likely to be adopted. Video and live demonstrations.

• 4 hour Workshop, 30 minutes for questions.

• Cost: $75 per person (Group discounts available)

February 27th 11:00am Bully Breed Identification Seminar

• Back by popular demand, we will be holding another Bully Breed Identification Seminar to help local shelters, rescues, real estate companies and owners understand the 12 different breeds currently grouped as “pit bulls”. This seminar breaks down specific breed traits and standards of each of the 12 breeds, with photos of champions direct from the breeders and photos of mixed breeds that visually have their breed traits. We also discuss common myths about “pit bulls”.

• 90 minute seminars, with 30 minutes open for questions.

• Cost: $40 per person (group discount available)

• **If you are a TLAC staff member, volunteer or a member of the Austin “Pit Bull” Task Force, this seminar is no charge. You must bring proof of membership, or employment and email us to reserve a space.